aNetShare - turns your Android phone into a wireless access point

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  • Tether your cell phone Internet (3G/Edge) connection to PCs.
  • Enable you to block unwanted guest connections.
  • Notify you if new client is connecting.
  • Enable you to change SSID (wireless network name).
  • Show the input/output network traffic for total and each client.
  • Show the client name, used time, IP and MAC address.
  • Auto setting for best connection speed and quality.
  • Auto install the latest tether package, or you can use your current tether package.
  • Auto turn off the WiFi option on starting, and turn it on after stop.
  Supported OSs & Requirements
  • Android Development phone or rooted Android phone (T-Mobile G1)
    To use this application, you must have ROOT/SUPER user (Development or rooted phone) access on your phone.
    To verify whether you have the root/super user access, please download the "Terminal Emulator" application from Android Market. Execute this application and then input su command. If there are any errors, it means that you don't have the ROOT/SUPER permission. For how to get the root/super permission for your phone, please visit one of the following URLs
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aNetShare is freeware and will always remain free. However, if you want to support the development of aNetShare, you are welcome to make a donation via PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account to make the donation). Please click here to make a donation.

  User's Manual
Before you start aNetShare

DISCLAIMER: Use this application at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage that may result from using this application, rooting your phone, or anything else which this site may suggest. Using this type of application may or may not be allowed by your cell phone provider, check you agreement(s) and contract(s) with your cell phone provider before using this application.

Start aNetShare

  1. aNetShare will automatically detect if the tether package is installed. If you already had the tether package installed, please be sure that the tether package is installed on the /data/local/ directory. If the tether package is not found, a question box will be shown.

  1. You need to tap this button to start the WiFi access point so that people can tether your cell phone Internet (3G/Edge) connection to their PCs. Tap this button again will stop the WiFi access point.
    • To connect to your phone from PC, please be sure the ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) networks is enabled on your windows.
      • On Widows, please follow start > settings > network connections > wireless network connection > properties > wireless networks > advanced, and make sure the Any Available Network option is selected.
    • From your PC, right-click the wireless network icon in the lower right corner of your screen, and then click View Available Wireless Networks. You should see an ad-hoc network access point called GPhone, connect to this network likes you did for connecting to a regular wireless access point.
    • You may notice your battery drain faster after starting it, you had better plug the
      charge cradle with your phone to ensure that it won't run out of the battery power
    • The SSID (wireless network name) name of your phone is "GPhone" by default. You can change it from the Settings function.
    • If the WiFi of your phone is on, this application will turn it off when you tap the "Start WiFi AP" button.
  2. If the WiFi access point is running, this notification icon will be shown on the status bar.
  3. As your or other PC(s) connect, you will see them come up on the online users list. The notification icon will also be changed. You can see the name of connected PC, IP and MAC address from the list.

  1. By default, all client connections are blocked. That means guest cannot use your Internet connection without your permission. To share phone Internet connection for a client, please tap the client from the online users list, and then tap OK for enabling the connection. Tap the client again will disable the Internet sharing for the client.

  1. Tap the Settings menu item to change settings of this application.
    • SSID: change the SSID name. If you change the name when WiFi AP is running, you need to restart (tap the Stop WiFi AP button, then tap Start WiFi AP button) WiFi AP to take effect.
      • A SSID is the name of a wireless network. SSIDs are case sensitive text strings. The SSID is a sequence of alphanumeric characters (letters or numbers). SSIDs have a maximum length of 32 characters.
    • Sound notification if new user connected: If a new client connects to your cell phone, aNetShare will notify you automatically. You can turn off this option if you don't want the notification ringtone.
    • Monitor network traffic: If this option is on, aNetShare will show you the total input/output network traffic in bytes, and also show you the traffic for each client.

  Release Note
  • 2.30 - released on Mar. 26, 2009 Download
    • show input/output network traffic in bytes for total and each client.
    • fixed some minor problems.
  • 2.20 - released on Mar. 22, 2009
    • auto use DNSs that provided by your ISP
    • also support UDP and ICMP (enable for ping command) connection types
    • show wifi access point run time, and the used time for each client
    • fixed the problem of no drop connection for blocked client immediately
  • 2.10 - released on Mar. 16, 2009
    • enable you to change SSID name
    • block/unblock clients
    • new designed UI
    • support Android Development phone
    • fixed some minor bugs
  • 2.00 - released on Mar. 10, 2009
    • first release.
  1. I have started WiFi AP and my PC is connecting to phone without any problems, but I still failed to connect to the Internet from the PC.
    • Please first power off the phone and then turn it on. After the phone is on, please try aNetShare again.
  2. Can I turn on the Wi-Fi (Settings > Wireless controls > Wi-Fi) option when aNetShare is running?
    • No, you cannot turn on the Wi-Fi option when aNetShare is running. aNetShare will automatically turn off the Wi-Fi when you start the WiFi AP function, and turn it on after you stop the WiFi AP. You cannot enable the Wi-Fi option during aNetShare is running.
  3. The WiFi AP works but it does not work any more after minutes
    • Some applications will use Wi-Fi functions in the background. It results in aNetShare failed to work again. As far as we know, these applications are listed as follow. Please don't run these applications when aNetShare is running, or you had better to uninstall these applications until they fix this issue.
      • ShopSavvy

This application uses iptables and dnsmasq which are both distributed by the GNU General Public License. iptables was mostly written by the netfilter core team and is distributed under version 3 of the GNU General Public License. dnsmasq was written by Simon Kelley and is distributed under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

  • Download the source of iptables from here
  • Download the source of dnsmasq from here
To get the latest version, please visit If you find any incorrect information, please also e-mail your problems to